Here is a list of places to go for training ...

Chris Jenson, Doc's Buggy Shop       
, BC
Chris sometimes offers clinics in building and repairing wheels. He has relocated from Alberta to Creston, BC
Here is how to contact him at the new location
Phone: 403-506-7424

Bill Twigg, Moscow Carriage Company
Moscow, Idaho USA

Bill offers one-on-one training in wheel construction, hub manufacture and buggy top construction. 
Phone:  208-822-2445

Dwayne Danley, Danley Carriage and Wheel
Armstrong, BC  Canada

Dwayne will offer courses in Wheelwrighting; contact him to discuss.
Phone:  250-546-9979

Remington Carriage Museum
Cardston, AB Canada

The Remington now offers workshops on museum quality restoration techniques in September of each year. The five hands-on workshops include

Restoration Process and Planning, 
Metalwork in Carriage Restoration,
Woodworking for Carriage Restoration,
Wheel Making and Repair and
Paints and Finishes: Detailing.

All workshops include professional instruction backed by the resources of the Museum and restoration techniques that have been proven by years of experience.

Contact:  Jeremy Masterson
Phone:   403-653-5139

Western Development Museum

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan  Canada

Several courses related to wheelwrighting are offered each year.

An Introduction To Wheelwrighting 
Formerly offered annually in January at the WDM Curatorial Centre in Saskatoon, this course teaches the basics of repairing and rebuilding wooden wheels. As it is not currently being offered, perhaps they need to know people are still interested?  Contact them to see what is happening. 

An Introduction To Blacksmithing
The introductory blacksmith course is offered when there is sufficient demand. This course is held at the WDM Curatorial Centre in Saskatoon, SK and led by the WDM Exhibition Coordinator. Basic forging techniques taught include flattening, squaring, splitting, binding, and welding. Early graduates of the course formed the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Western Canadian Blacksmiths Guild.

For information about dates, costs and what you need to know to attend, check out the website or contact

Corrine Daelick, Director of Education
Tel: (306) 931-1910   Fax: (306) 934-0525


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