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  • Subscriptions or previous copies of the newsletter, (The Traveller
    OR Membership in WCWA (membership fees due annually in January)  OR for paying for advertising the The Traveller
                          WCWA,  c/o Debra Johnson, Treasurer
                          7509 Black Road
                          Salmon Arm, BC V1E 2P7
                          Phone:  250-353-1259
                          E-mail:  Wheelwright.Assoc.Treas@

  • Executive  (Click here for full list)
        John Lavoie, President
        Phone:  403-566-2448

  • To submit items of interest to The Traveller, contact the Editor
        Diana Matsuda
        Parksville, British Columbia
        Phone:  250-951-2136
        E-mail:   editor

  • Webmaster for this website
        Debra Johnson
        7509 Black Road
        Salmon Arm, BC V1E 2P7
        Phone:  250-353-1259
        E-mail:  Wheelwright.Assoc.Treas@

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