Some photos of our members in action . . .

There has been great progress on the building of the buggy for the Raffle at the AGM this coming June - here are some photos taken of the seat just before it is sent up to Randy Kirschner's shop at Charlie Lake, BC for upholstery. Be sure to attend the AGM and the Parades this summer to see it for yourself!

 front view of buggy without upholstery

rear view of buggy before upholstery


October 31-November 1st 2014 - participants and instructors  at the 11th Annual Wheelwright Training at Tees, AB. They sure look like they had a great time!   Photos by Chris Jenson

The tyre was in the fire the entire time and expanded sufficient to go over the felloe. We succeeded and met the challenge of rebuilding a heavy wheel without cutting the tyre. Considrable measuring and discussion of all aspects of building a wheel resulted in a very happy and surprising client.

This was a front wheel of an old farm wagon that was built from the hub out with enough precision to apply the old steel without cutting it.


Cooling the iron quickly takes concentration.


The participants with several of the wheels constructed over the two days in the background. 


Two of the instructors - Mark Westling (L) and Harry Harrison (R)
Missing:  Chris Jenson


Irricanna October 4, 2014 - WCWA members working together to share learn about building a buggy ...
photos by Chris Jenson

Wayne Lenfesty, Bill Radaway, John Lavoie, Joe Havinga, Glen Halvarson, Jean Lavoie with Chris Jenson behind he camera.


Glen Halvarson and Jean Lavoie go over the plans.


Almost done!!

The buggy 'in the white', back view.


Happy to be finished!  CONGRATULATIONS!


And,  Pictures from days gone by...

Setting the tire on to the finished wheel at the 2005 AGM ...

and a closer look at that same wheel ...


some photos from 2003 and 2004 ...

A demonstration on blacksmithing in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan  2004

One of the examples of fine upholstery demonstrated by one of our female members ...
(demonstration on upholstery in both 2004 and 2005)

Building a Red River Cart together under the direction of one of our members 
in 2003 ...

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